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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Review: Zombie Safari by Ben Cheetham

Survivors of a zombie apocalypse have carved out new existences on islands, only visiting the mainland to hunt zombies. But things start to go wrong. Zombies don't die as they should. Hunters go missing. A trip that's supposed to be fun turns into a struggle for survival when four men make a discovery that causes them to question not only what it means to be a zombie but what it means to be human.
If you're looking for a fast fix of zombies, blood and guns, this tasty little novella will be perfect for you

ebook, Published August 3rd 2011
url: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/78656
Ben asked me to review a different book of his, and like any good reviewer, I did some digging into his other works, found this as a free eBook, and, since it’s a short novella, I decided to use it as a sample of his works.

An interesting story is woven here.  We’re post zombie-apocalypse here, and zombies are hunted for sport.  Hence the name of the novella.  It’s quite different from other zombie stories I’ve read, where people are killing them for survival, and scared to death of them.  Here, they pay big money to hunt zombies.  The zombie are just as dangerous, just as deadly, and incredibly fun to hunt.  The paid guides have this down to a science.

Though slightly predictable, this makes a fun, quick, Halloween-themed read.  Go download it, read it, and keep an eye out on the blog for my review of The Society of Dark Hearts coming soon!

3 Trees: A quick, fun read…and FREE

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