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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Follow Friday (16)

imageQ:  If you could have dinner with your favorite book character, who would you eat with and what would you serve?

A: So, um ok, this is not an easy question to answer.  Mostly because I don’t have “favorite” book characters.  I immerse myself in whatever book I’m reading at the time, but don’t have any one character/series that is a “must read.”

imageI just finished Hounded by Kevin Hearne (review to come to the blog soon).  I was fascinated by how real he made Atticus and all the gods and legends.  So, I think that it would be awesome to sit down with Atticus O’Sullivan, the 21 century year-old Druid and just listen to him tell stories.

What would I serve?  Really? I don’t cook.  So, we’d hop on down to the Irish pub in town (McGee’s Irish Pub) and eat something there.

So, there you have it.


Get to reading,

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  1. Hopping through. I haven't read that book yet, but Atticus - or at least the guy on the cover - is way handsome. I'd love to eat with him.
    My Hop

  2. Good choice, new follower, here's mine http://headstuckinabook.blogspot.com/2011/10/feature-and-follow-friday-2.html

  3. Irish? Yes, PLEASE. haha I like your choice!


  4. I haven't read this series yet, but I really, really want too. From what I do know about the books, I think Atticus would be great company!

    Ladybug Storytime

  5. This book is on my TBR list--and I keep seeing it everywhere!

    Dude, I don't cook either. I'd be hiring some people who knew what the hell they were doing, just to impress my guests ;) I'd be all "Yup, I totally made that..."

    Nice answer! (Old follower.)

  6. Thanks for following! Following you back :-)

    Have a great weekend!

  7. LOL! =D Thanks for following! I followed back =) & great answer!

  8. Good choice. Thank you for following my blog. I am following back :)

  9. Awesome choice! Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  10. I haven't heard of that book, but it does sound interesting! Old follower stopping by to say hi!

    My FF

    P.S. I'm hosting a giveway of The Near Witch (as well as an interview with the author) at my blog if you'd like to stop by and enter, and possibly spread the word. If I reach 300 followers before the giveway ends, I'll add a second winner!

  11. I haven't read that series yet but I'll definitely be adding it to my TBR list! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me, I'm following you back now!

    Have a great rest of the weekend!

  12. It was tough to pick someone for this question because I usually enjoy the characters as part of the story. I've been very keen to check out Hounded and it sounds like Atticus would make an interesting guest. And hooray for pub food!

    The Word Fiend

  13. Irish stew and dumplings with a cold Guinness! Complete heaven. Heard loads of good things about Hounded and I adore anything with mythology in it.

    I chose Ai Ling from Silver Phoenix cos that girl loves to eat!

    New follower hopping through.

  14. Oh I haven't read this series but it sounds fantastic!

    Xpresso Reads

  15. Returning the drop by a week late (better than never though, right?). Thanks for stopping by Working for the Mandroid!

    I've heard some great things about that series, but haven't gotten my hands on it yet. I'm glad to hear it's good.

    New follower


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