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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Review: 30 Poems, 30 Days: Inside a Poet’s Mind by AD Joyce



This poetry collection contains poems written during April 2011 for National Poetry Writing Month, and also includes my commentary about each poem's origin and my interpretations.
(From the author)


Available as a free download from Smashwords here.


Ms. Joyce contacted me about reviewing her book of poetry that was composed during National Poetry Writing Month, I took the challenge.  And then I challenged myself to read them, in one sitting.  Doable? I thought so.  And I did it.

I went through a phase in late high school and into college where I was really into reading poetry.  Then, with the required readings and study and 18 hours and 3 jobs per semester, reading anything that wasn’t course related fell by the wayside.  And reading poetry again hadn’t even crossed my mind.  It was fantastic to read poetry again.   Joyce’s poetry is a great reintroduction into the genre.

Have you ever read a poem and wondered what it meant?  Well, something unique about this experience is that AD Joyce provides commentary on her inspiration and the meaning behind the poem.  You’re not left to make scholarly hypothesis or musings about the meanings, they’re there for you!  Joyce feels that some, if not all, of the poems in her collection are not polished because they were written so quickly, but they seemed slick and well-formed to me.

I found it interesting that one form of poem Joyce discovered as a way to share poems on Twitter.  It still astounds me how influential social media has become, even poetry!

Thank you, Ms. Joyce, for sharing your poetry with me!

4 Trees: Interesting, Refreshing, & Individual

Get to reading,

About the Author:

A.D. Joyce is a poet/writer/editor living in New Jersey. Her blog, Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World, showcases her poetry and discusses topics such as the writing life, women's issues, and personal observations.

*This collection of poetry was provided to me by the poet in exchange for an honest review*

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