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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Review: Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich

Life in Marblehead has had a pleasant predictability, until Diesel arrives. Rumor has it that a collection of priceless ancient relics representing the Seven Deadly Sins have made their way to Boston's North Shore. Partnered with pastry chef Lizzie Tucker, Diesel bullies and charms his way through historic Salem to track them down--and his criminal mastermind cousin Gerewulf Grimorie. The black-haired, black-hearted Wulf is on the hunt for the relic representing gluttony. Caught in a race against time, Diesel and Lizzie soon find out that more isn't always better, as they battle Wulf and the first of the deadly sins.
With delectable characters and non-stop thrills that have made Janet Evanovich a household name, Wicked Appetite will leave you hungry for more
Compact Disc,
Published September 14th 2010 by Macmillan Audio (first published 2010)
ISBN: 1427210454 (ISBN13: 9781427210456)
series: The Unmentionables #1
I have honestly been dying to read a book by Janet Evanovich and when I saw this at my local library, I nearly peed my pants with excitement!  Ok, that’s not really how it happened, but I was still super excited.
I read a few reviews where the reviewers compared Lizzie to Stephanie Plum.  They also said that they were too similar.  Well, since this is my first Evanovich book, I can’t say that I agree, because I don’t know anything about Stephanie Plum.  I can say this: I love Lizzie.  And if Stephanie is anything like Lizzie, I’m sure I’ll love her, too.  And I think that I love Janet Evanovich as well.
The characters were rich and colorful.  I was never bored.  The plot moved quickly, and though definitely not real, was something I could relate to.  The supporting characters added just the right amount of comic relief and side plots.  Glo is freaking hilarious.
There’s so much left to explore and I cannot wait to read the next installment.  Ms. Evanovich, wanna throw me an ARC????  Please?? I’ll get my wife to bake you cookies!
Wicked Appetite is witty, hilarious, well-written, and entertaining.  My only complaint is how quick it went!  And now I’m totally disappointed that I have to wait until 2012 for the untitled sequel.  Boo hiss.
5 Stars: Gobble this one up.  It’s yummy.
Get to reading,

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