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Friday, September 2, 2011

Follow Friday (11)

Q. If you could change the ending of any book (or series), which book would you choose? Why and to what?

A. This was a total no-brainer for me.  I don’t think that words can completely grasp my utter and total hatred for Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.  I don’t feel like she was true to her story or true to her characters.  She killed people off for the pure enjoyment of doing it (or because it was easier than trying to keep up with who was where…).  Mockingjay is a bloodbath of the wrong kind.

Ok, I know that this is about revolution and government overthrowing, but geez, the plot seemed to be completely divergent from the other two books.

Ok, so that’s my soapbox.
Get to reading,

Young Katniss Everdeen has survived the dreaded Hunger Games not once, but twice, but even now she can find no relief. In fact, the dangers seem to be escalating: President Snow has declared an all-out war on Katniss, her family, her friends, and all the oppressed people of District 12. The thrill-packed final installment of Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games trilogy will keep young hearts pounding.

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  1. Hey, new follower hopping through! It seems like everyone is picking Mockingjay! I feel all alone with my thoughts on this one because I loved the ending! Haha, oh well.

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  2. I completely agree with your answer! The ending to Mockingjay was just disappointing. New Follower Here! Feel free to follow back @ http://www.booklove101.blogspot.com

  3. OMG I picked the same thing, glad to see someone agrees!!!!!!

    Awesome post, new follower:D

    My Post

  4. I'm a new follower. :)

    Hunger Games is on my TBR pile!

  5. Hello! I'm a new follower. :)

    I can't read it, since I haven't read the last book yet, but I know many have been disappointed by it! And I've seen it around a lot today. Sorry you were one who wasn't a fan. :/

    Have a great weekend! My FF can be found here!

  6. I am an old follower!
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  7. I loved the ending at first but once I started thinking about it, ugh. I was not a fan of Peeta's storyline in the book (loathed it, actually) and while I was glad to see him find happiness with Katniss, my heart broke for Gale. And Finnick. I can't even talk about that. :(

    Happy weekend, Richard!

  8. Thanks for all the FF comments! AND FOLLOWERS :)


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