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Thursday, May 10, 2012

B&D: A look ahead

Every now and then I get review requests.  And every now and then I accept them.  Which leads to a problem, having too much to read, and not being near organized enough with it! 
So, in order to better balance my TBR/review queue, I’ve made a list.  And on that list are a lot of books…an overwhelming amount of books.  To keep myself accountable for reading what I should be, here’s a list (in order) of reviews that will be coming to B&D soon:
[Not pictured above: The Joy of Deception by Gretchen Johnson]

Do you guys, as readers and reviewers, ever feel overwhelmed when you look at your TBR? 

Get to reading,
*This is my plan, and my plan is to stick to it. Time will tell!


  1. Hi Richard. That is a lot of books. My list is even bigger. Last night I outlined a meme for my blog that deals with this. Each week I am going to post a calendar with dates and book titles I will be reviewing. Should keep me on track. I am also cutting back on review requests until I am caught up. Good luck with your books, see a few I would like to....NO! I won't go there!!!

    1. I know the feeling exactly! I feel like I avoid NetGalley and "Waiting on Wednesday" posts for the simple fact that I really don't need to add anything to my TBR! Add trips to the bookstore (clearance books are evil and call out to me to buy them!) and it's ass if my TBR never gets shorter!


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