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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Review: Panty Raid @ Zombie High by Rusty Fischer

Toby’s best friend, and unrequited love, Molly Harper has gone missing. Molly’s boyfriend, “Spud,” thinks he knows where she’s been taken: the mysterious Zombie High, where Spud’s father just happens to be in charge of the top-secret medical facility famous for its work rehabilitating teenage zombies.

Armed with blueprints, passwords, keys and codes, Spud and Toby are ready to make an all-out assault on Zombie High and rescue their fair Molly. There’s just one problem: Toby and Spud are the biggest wimps at Cypress Cove High and need some muscle along for the ride in case any of the zombies get loose.

That’s where Boner and Zack come in. Two of the football team’s biggest players, the jocks are easily conned into joining Spud and Toby on their fictional “panty raid” the minute Spud calls them “chicken” for not accepting his challenge to spend the night at Zombie High.

When Zack and Boner show up to accept the challenge, however, they don’t come alone; they bring their two girlfriends, Lilac and Haley, along for the ride. With events spiraling out of control and zombies lurking around every corner, will Toby and Spud even survive their night at Zombie High, let alone rescue Molly?


There are books that you read that infect your brain.  That affect the chemistry of how you think and react and deal with life.  Panty Raid @ Zombie High is one of those books.  Here’s an example:  there’s a scene involving rat brains.  Today at PetsMart, we were looking at the guinea pigs, and there happened to be a fancy rat (yes, they labeled it as “fancy,” though I’d never describe a rat as “fancy”)in the cage next to the pigs, and I couldn’t look at the rat without thinking of it as a source of food.  Panty Raid @ Zombie High infected me that way.

This may be one of the most entertaining of Fischer’s books that I’ve read.  I’ve enjoyed everything that I’ve read, but I really got addicted to Panty Raid @ Zombie High.  And now I want everyone to read it.  ‘Cause if you don’t, you’ll miss something awesome!

The characters are brilliant, well-written, with depth and emotion.  And this is only a little over 100 pages!  I’ve read books much longer with less character development!  This only confirms what I already knew about Fischer: he’s full of awesome and a complete genius!

One complaint, though.  I know, *GASP*!  So, there’s the prologue,  and then chapter one.  And some major stuff happens between them…And basically I felt a little left out.  Later we figure it all out.  And that’s cool, but the entire time I’m reading, I’m asking myself the same question over and over.  But, it’s totally worth the little bit of confusion for the complete awesomeness of Panty Raid @ Zombie High. 

This is a dude’s YA zombie story.  Full of gore, blood, zombie-butt kicking, guts, gore, etc.  Written from a dude’s perspective, with dudes in mind.  Guys, listen up!  READ THIS BOOK.  And the lovely ladies out there, you can read it, too.  This kind of awesome is for everyone!

Basically, the only thing that would make this book any better, is if you could wrap it in bacon and eat it.

5 Trees: Excellent, fun, & exciting!
Get to reading,

*This book was provided to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*


  1. Oh, this is hilarious. I grabbed this the other day. One of these days, I'm gonna read one of the pile of Rusty's books I have collected. I love how you are such a fan, though, because it kinda pushes him up on my list.

    Sidenote: I was unaware that Vamplayers is Book Two to Zombies Don't Cry??? *I* feel left out on that one.

    1. I don't know if Vamplayers is book2. I haven't seen anything about that...


    2. According to Amazon, Asheley, you are correct :)

    3. Fabulous review, Richard! I am a huge fan of Rusty, loved Zombies Don't Cry and Ushers.INC. Vamplayers is next on my reading list and now it looks like I should add this awesome book to it too! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      We should start like a fanclub or something :P

    4. We'll call it the Undead RF Fan Club or something like that :)

      Thanks for the comment! I haven't read Zombies Don't Cry yet (I know, it's a travesty!) but I can't wait!

  2. I love well character driven stories. I am so excited about getting to this one. Great review!

  3. I'm a newbie to the Zombie Craze. Yes, I watch The Walking Dead, but only just recently, and I fast-forward through the really yucky parts. And though I have a few sitting on my bookshelf, I haven't actually read any zombie-centric books. So when author Rusty Fischer offered me a copy of his book, I happily jumped at the chance to dig in...so to speak.


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